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Professional Movers Brantford, Ontario

Are you planning to relocate to Brantford soon?

You must have a lot on your mind. Moving is, without a doubt, a challenging process that demands effort, time, and planning.

Good thing that you’ve got The Big Guys Moving Company to help you out!

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We treat everyone as if they were family. We understand how stressful and complicated moving can be. That’s why our highly trained movers will go to great lengths to ensure a smooth move!

The secret to making moving easy is to have the best movers in Brantford by your side.

Our big guys are experienced, trained, and know how to take that weight off your shoulders quickly!

Serving brantford since inception

The Big Guys Moving Company has been helping residents move since its inception!

That’s years ago, and we continue to help our community move. Whether it’s across the country or the street – we’re the best team for your next move.

Our exceptionally reliable services turned us into local superheroes. Everybody knows about The Big Guys Moving Company and how easy we make moving.

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Why hire brantford moving company?

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Do you want your next move to go smoothly? Do you want to move without lifting a finger? If you answered yes, then we’re the team for you.

Our professional movers have all the qualifications, training, and insurance to give you a fantastic moving experience in and around Brantford.

Brantford Moving Services by B.G.Moving Corp.

If you’re eager to start that move, have a look at the fantastic moving services we offer! We can easily and quickly customize every service to provide you with a unique, efficient solution.

B.G.Moving Corp. Local Movin Company

Residential moving

We’re here to help with your residential moving!

Our movers will handle all aspects of the move, including packing, loading, and driving. You won’t have to worry about the minor stuff when we help you move!

B.G. Moving Corp. Commercial Movers

Commercial moving

Relocating your business can be stressful. Disassembling and reassembling your cubicles and furnishings is, in fact, one of the most painful aspects of office relocation.

We understand that your company’s assets are essential, and we’ll look after them with the utmost care and dedication. As a result, we provide full-service commercial moving services.

B.G.Moving Corp. Long Distance Moving Company

Long-distance moving

Are you planning a daunting, long-distance move? Our big guys can help you with your long-distance moving.

We’ll be by your side from the moment you contact us, through planning, until completion!

B.G.Moving Corp. Senior Moving Services

Retirement home moving

Moving into a retirement home can be a daunting task. Luckily, the big guys will walk with you. We’ll pack your belongings and ensure their safe arrival. We’ll even help you unpack when you choose us to be your retirement home moving partner!

B.G.Moving Corp. Piano Movers

Piano and hot tub relocation

Pianos are expensive, heavy, and have unusual forms that require expert handling when transporting from one location to another.

We use specialized equipment and packing to make moving and loading pianos and hot tubs as easy as possible. You won’t have to worry about any damage!

B.G.Moving Corp. House Cleaning Services

Move out cleaning service

Who’s got the time and the energy to clean when you’re moving out? We do! Our expert cleaners will sweep in and quickly help with the move-out cleaning that you truly deserve.

why move to brantford?

general information

Brantford offers all of the conveniences of a growing community in southwestern Ontario. It boasts an affordable and accessible transit network, a broad and vibrant industrial base, and a range of educational streams and programs.

Things to do in brantford

Brantford is an art city with a fantastic gallery and various public artworks. Wander around and take in some amazing artwork created by local artists.

There are many fantastic Brantford annual events to attend and even participate in, such as the Brantford International Villages Festival.

brantford ontario canada nature roadside view
brantford ontario canada nature view

Notable residents

Brantford is home to several celebrities! You may rub shoulders with Phil Hartman, Michelle Nolden, Andrea Brooks, and Jay Silverheels. Keen observers may even notice that it’s home to Bill Cook, Bryan Fogarty, and Dave Gans.

Interesting facts

Today people call Brantford the “Telephone City”. It’s here that Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone at his father’s homestead! That farmstead is now the Bell Homestead, located on Tutela Heights south of the city.

brantford ontario canada road side home view

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Best brantford local moving help you can find!

Our valued customers speak out about our service

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Alana Mcnichol
June 5, 2022

Would definitely recommend this company to anyone for moving ! The guys were so professional, quick and fun! Made our move very smooth!

Amer Almani
May 24, 2022

Great company and great service. They were professional and handled my move very well.

Lucas Walker
April 19, 2022

We hired the BG Moving team for our recent move and we are so happy we did! From the beginning the team was very professional and did a thorough walk through of the home to understand the job at hand. On moving day they showed up early to ensure they were getting started on time and all our items were handled with care. Shane was also very accommodating on schedule as we were also balancing a toddler and a dog during the move and it was important for us to be moved in before dinner and bed time. Thank you BG team for such a great experience!

Karson Benn
April 14, 2022

Amazing group of people! Highly recommend.

Richard Dickson
April 11, 2022

Fast and efficient what else can i say very happy customer

Shjon Ip
March 27, 2022

I needed to move from a high-rise condo in downtown Toronto to a house in another city last October. Katie, Shane, and the BG Moving Corp team were awesome! Great with communication and scheduling. All our furniture and items were treated carefully, and well-protected for transport. A big "thank you" to the BG Moving Corp team! I would easily recommend their services and would look to use them again for any future moving needs.

Jackie Newcomb
March 13, 2022

Shane and Dave made my 24 + hr move to Thunder Bay from Kitchener extremely stress free! They just seemed to love what they do and did it well. Moving all the boxes and furniture from a 7th floor condo into their newly wrapped truck like it was EASY. They took great care with everything too. I would highly recommend BG Moving co !! I thought I'd adjusted to leaving Kitchener behind. Now my only regret is that I'll probably not be able to use them again. Good luck guys!

Kevin Zach
March 4, 2022

Katie and Brian were great, thanks for getting mom moved as smoothly as possible

Kevin Zach
March 4, 2022

Katie and Brian were great, thanks for getting mom moved as smoothly as possible

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